Kids U kicks off summer fun with new classes and old favorites

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The ever popular University of Houston-Clear Lake Kids U will kick off in June with classes for children from pre-school through twelfth grade. This year there are nearly 90 offerings in multiple camps including Science, Technology, Math, Gifted, Language, SAT, World Explorers, Young Writers and Early Childhood. Registration is currently underway. For a full course list, schedule of classes, and registration information, visit the website at  Pictured are students from last summer’s Kids U’s “Shining Stars in Action” class who performed an original, class-written song for family and friends. Students (l -r) are Caitlyn Polansky, Natalie Linde, Madeline Ungar; Harrison Ferrell, Avery Cansler, Stephanie Kasperick, Klaudia Chance, Natalie Samuell, Annika Gill and Hannah Vidrine.

For more than 30 years the University of Houston Clear Lake’s Kids U has kicked off summer fun with a multitude of offerings designed for children preschool through twelfth grade, and this year proves no exception. New to the lineup of nearly 90 offerings are classes that include designing a time capsule, learning outdoor survival techniques, and challenging the brain to think “out of the box” with creative problem solving.

These new classes join the ever popular favorites like “Critter Camp,” “Discovery Through Play,” “Weird and Wacky Experiments,” “Shining Stars in Action,” “Video Game Design and Development,” “Making Friends with Mandarin (Chinese)” and “Math Mysteries” among many others.

“We love to introduce new offerings each summer that introduce new elements. It keeps the program challenging and exciting — not to mention entertaining,” says Center for Educational Programs Director Roberta Raymond.

The “Traveling Through Time:  Building Your Own Time Capsule” class is designed for children in third through fifth grades, who will learn how to capture the present time for the future. Each will design a personal time capsule to illustrate the now through themes such as personal histories, pop culture trends, historical events, as well as important people and current events.

For the more adventurous spirits there are two offerings of “Survivor 101,” one for third- through fifth-graders and a second for older sixth- through eighth-grade children. The daring summer campers will learn what the Native Americans and pioneers had to do in order to survive. The class will go outside to explore and learn how to survive in the wild using the resources nature provides. Among skills taught will be how to track animals, build a shelter and fire, and learn which plants are poisonous and which are edible.

“LOL-Laugh Out Loud” is another new offering for third- through sixth-graders. This class is designed to challenge the brain to think “out of the box” through a variety of fun, creative games, that include problem solving and team building. It touches on a wide variety of subjects and topics not only school related, but also includes tools that are crucial to success in everyday life. Challenging and fun, it will help prepare the brain to tackle creative problem solving sure to accompany the students throughout their academic careers.

Kids U camps are all supervised and designed by the School of Education faculty at UHCL, as well as their students, and they are designed to be small-sized classes with plenty of one-on-one attention. For a full course list, schedule of classes and registration information, visit To find out more, call 281-283-3530.

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